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Now on edge, Gray turns towards the castle, silently pondering Natsu and Lucy’s safety

As Gray congratulates his other team members on their hard work, Sting suddenly turns to the group, asking them why Natsu was not participating in the event at all. [321]

However, before Gray is allowed to speak, one of the hatched eggs releases another blast from its mouth and directs it towards Juvia

Before Gray and his team can properly celebrate their achievements in the Grand Magic Games, they are hailed to the center of Crocus alongside hundreds of other Mages, where the King of Fiore waits with startling news. Stating that in the hours of the following day over 10,000 Dragons will approach and attack Crocus, the King begs for the assistance of the present Mages in helping to drive off the threat and save the people. Alongside everyone else, Gray agrees to help, and is later approached by Lyon payday loans Montana, who seems excited at the opportunity to fight with Gray rather than against him. Gray, however, tells Lyon not to get in his way. [322] With the start of July 7, Gray is present with the rest of the Fairy Tail members at Central Square, when Levy and Gajeel discuss that it’s the day when the Dragons disappeared and now, in the same day, they’re supposed to return. When Cana questions Erza’s injuries and Erza replies that she’s fine, Gray praises military healers and Sherria, saying that it’s thanks to them that they were able to recover at least a little, although Juvia claims that Wendy would be able to heal them fully. Afterwards, they watch as the moon is in a state of Eclipse. [323]

As a sound is heard coming from Mercurius, Gray realizes it is the opening of Eclipse. [324] Soon after, destruction rages through Crocus and is noticed by Gray who wonders what it is, not knowing it is the work of a Dragon. [325] Later, Gray and the rest of Fairy Tail encounter the Dragon Atlas Flame, who releases a Dragon’s Roar and disperses the members of Fairy Tail. [326] Blown back by the roar, Gray lies on the ground as he affirms that Atlas and Acnologia are not on the same level; only to be rapidly pushed back once again by the Dragon wrapped in flames. [327] Motherglare then soars above the vicinity and deposits numerous eggs into the ground, which later hatch into Dragon-like beings. Laxus e by himself and instructs the rest of the Fairy Tail members to defeat the Dragon-like beings, to which Gray and the rest of the members unleash their resistance against Motherglare’s spawns. [328]

Being reminded of their friends in Mercurius, Erza asks if anyone has seen the flare that was meant to signal their safe return, and Gray worryingly replies that he hasn’t

Swinging his way through the enemies at hand, Gray reaches Bar Sun, where Juvia, Meredy, and Lyon are all holding their own against the small Hatchlings, when suddenly one of the small creatures releases a sharp beam towards Juvia and Meredy. Before the beam is able to hit either of the female Mages, Gray jumps in to save them and ducks just in time to avoid the attack. Moments later, Gray looks at the blushing Juvia who is flattered to have him touching her bottom whilst saving her. Getting up, Gray looks at Juvia directly in the eyes and demands for her attention, claiming that he has something to tell her. Without a second thought, Juvia approaches Gray and, passionately, ponders what Gray has to tell her; even thought he states that it’s nothing important. He shoves her to the side and takes the hit for her, which creates a moderate size hole in his left pectoral. Spitting out blood, Gray is simultaneously ambushed by the opponents; having parts of his body scatter about due to the force of the blasts. Receiving one last shot through the head, his name is screamed out in agony. [329]