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Sayu fell in love with Yoshida, but Yoshida didn’t know that he was also in love with her

Hadoka Morishima is a first-year high schooler who escape getting away from trouble and head to Tokyo. But when Hadoka arrived in the city, he was struck by a rainstorm. Fortunately, Keisuke Saga saved him and gave him a business card. But Hadoka was broke and struggled to find work. Meeting with Hina Amano, who works at McDonald’s restaurant. She noticed that Hadoka was struggling and gave him a free meal.

The meeting between the two was amazing, and Hodaka finds an abandoned Makarov PM handgun inside the bin he fell onto. Later Natsumi Suga hired him to work at a small occult magazine publishing company. Hadoka learned about the legend of a “sunshine girl” who controls the weather. That is where the aromatic story between Hadoka and the girls started; this is the best romance anime to binge to watch.


This is one of the best romantic anime between a student who ran away from home and an employee. Yoshida, who has a terrible day in the office, has been left alone after being rejected, and he was lucky to meet with a student at night. Sayu was sitting alone in the streets at night, and a drunken Yoshida was surprised to see a student in the streets at night. Yoshida couldn’t believe his eyes, but he decided to stay with Sayu.

Yoshida learns more about Sayu and realizes that she ran away from home. But he decided not to let her stay in the street after knowing about her past. This changed Sayu’s life; who abanded the past and began to work while taking care of Yoshida. Yoshida rejects Sayu countless times since she always wanted to make love with him.

He told her that he would never make or fall in love with a student. Sayu accepted that and began to behave like a housewife, which led to rumors that Yoshida was dating a student. Yoshida’s crush is jealous when she learns about Sayu and decides to meet with Sayu to have a girls’ talk. But in the end, Yoshida realizes that he loved Sayu and reunites her with her family.

Kaguya Sama Love is War

Kaguya Sama Love is War topped the ranks of best romance anime to binge. Most of us are fans of Kaguya Shinomiya and Miyuki Shirogane. The love between the two is on another level because they don’t care about their background. Everyone in the academy admires Kaguya and Miyuki and always wants to have the same relationship.

Miyuki and Kaguya’s romance is amazing, and they are also fun to watch. There are many romance anime to binge out there that one can rely on, and the list goes on and on. This concludes the top lists of the best romance anime to binge.

Tada Never Falls in Love

Nagatoro continues bullying Naoto for his timid personality and being an otaku and sometimes in a sexually suggestive fashion, and she would refer to him as being lewd. She constantly continued to push him to become more assertive, and Senpai developed a crush on Nagatoro in return. Their interaction forced Senpai to gradually come out of his shell and involve himself in Nagatoro’s life.

The girl who has been looking at Amatsuyu has a gloomy character with spectacles and braided hair. Amatsuyu hates the girl because she always turns her sharp tongue only on him and finds enjoyment in curvesconnect dating site his troubles. But as things later turned out, we saw that the girl liked him.