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Just tell Jimmy Kimmel something about your crush on Han Solo, you’ll be fine

Their very public enthusiasm for geek culture – combined with a talent for looking amazing in a bikini – has connected with the fanboys, and by extension, the world. So if you’ve got a project to promote – e tie-in, https://hookupapp.org/men-seeking-women-sites/ or you’re just shopping around for that next hundred-billion-dollar Michael Bay project inspired by an app, you’d best try to make the fans believe you are one of them.

But what about the battlefield of the Comic-con floor? Well some grrrrl nrrrrds get it and others don’t. Who wants to be a slave? But no question, if you are semi hot, dressing in a bikini is going to get you further faster in man’s world than being a good shot with a blaster or being heir to the throne of a whole planet.

But it will also get you dumped faster too. Remember that marginalization that Kotler was talking about? People will marginalize a Slave Leia in a hot second. And sometimes that marginalization will rub off on those of us dressed as a rebel commander too.

And that brings us back to the wonderful world of girl nerds in comics. To be honest, I’m not crazy about the title of Jill’s blog, but I don’t think it’s a blow to womankind. I quoted the title to a male comics reader who doesn’t know her earlier today and he just started laughing. “Wow that’s pandering!” he said. What he doesn’t know that Jill is a smart writer, a great person and someone that her friends will take a bullet for because she’s so awesome. Once you get beyond the title of her blog, that’s all pretty obvious.

I’ll tell you a secret. It’s actually mind bogglingly cool to be a girl. Because you get to be everything. You can be a bad-ass, a senator, a crack shot, a teenaged boat captain who goes around rescuing people, an astronaut or a comic book writer….AND you still get to dress up and wear different color lipstick and nail polish! THAT IS COOL. And we shouldn’t be penalized by anyone – male or female – for being so cool.

While this was all brewing, I saw another post that seemed to sum all this up on Comics Alliance, about how artist Ming Doyle made a Thor costume and wore it to the Boston Comic-Con:

ComicsAlliance: Ming, your Thor ensemble was a hit at Boston Comic Con! As a resident of Artist Alley, what made you decide to dress up for the convention, let alone as Thor?

In recent years, a new breed of sex symbols like Felicia Day and Olivia Munn have carved out their fame in large part due to their relatability

Ming Doyle: I mainly decided to dress up because Alexa Rose, my good friend and co-host of the Make Believers podcast, decided to visit for the convention this year. Having a fellow crafty art major on the scene was the motivating push I needed, especially considering that Alexa and I have previously tried our hands at some amateur cosplay (Death and Delirium, then Batzarra and Bizarra at New York Comic Con, 2008).

As you can see from the pictures, Ming pulled it off in style. Because she’s a beautiful woman, a nerd AND a really damn good artist. And just because you’re one doesn’t mean you can’t be all three.

UPDATE: Somehow in all this I managed to miss Jill Pantozzi’s own thoughts on geek cliques on Newsarama. I urge everyone to read the entire post, as it touches on a lot of elements I’ve mentioned and a few new ones, too.

This drew immediate and swift reprisal on Twitter because a) threatening to punch anyone in the boobs is bad taste and b) Jill Pantozzi is one of the most popular people on the internet. (And in real life.) Over on Bleeding Cool, Kate Kotler had a thoughtful response on how women often turn on each other:

I’ve long wondered why all these “proud” girl nerds love dressing as SLAVE Leia and not, say SENATOR Leia or REBEL COMMANDER Leia

The reality is that if you look like Megan Fox you don’t really have to know anything about sports, or comics or how to feed yourself to get by. People will be clamoring to feed you by hand. At Salon, s calls shenanigans on all these brave Star Trek loving nerdettes who also take their underwear off on the cover of Maxim: