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Little change has <a href="https://loansolution.com/payday-loans-nm/">payday loans New Mexico</a> occurred in their relationship since Chloe learned Clark’s secret

Clark trusts Chloe with his deepest secrets: she was the only one who knew where he hides his key or how to get to the Fortress of Solitude (Traveler). Chloe is in love with Clark’s heroic feats and how he saves lives every day but still remains humble. [5] She thinks of Clark as her own personal superhero, [6] but treats him no differently than she did before she knew. She pushes him to embrace his destiny and use his powers to the fullest.

Clark felt like she had given up so much happiness and safety as his secret keeper and wanted to do anything to cure her, but she explicitly told him that she would not trade her role for anything. However, as her amnesia progressed and Brainiac’s influence became stronger, Clark pleaded with Jor-El to cure her, but asked that Chloe not remember his true origins. Chloe was seemingly unaware that she was missing memories; she described the experience as a mysterious weight that she let go of and allowed her to move on (Bride). Although Clark viewed his actions as a gift to her, he felt like he had lost something quite significant. [7] When Brainiac was removed from Chloe, her memories returned, including those of Clark’s secret. It is unknown if or when Clark will tell her that he temporarily made her forget them.

Costs on Chloe’s life

Chloe has been an aspiring journalist since childhood. In her high school years, Chloe found considerable success at the Torch and the Ledger covering the meteor freak beats, and even landing an internship at the Daily Planet before her sophomore year. After graduating high school, her success continued as she attended Metropolis University and working part-time in the bullpen at the same time. But since learning about Clark’s powers, Chloe’s journalism career has suffered greatly, as rather than focusing on writing exposes, she has killed promising stories that might reveal Clark’s secret on numerous occasions.

Despite this, when Chloe was attacked by Brainiac in 2008, she began to eventually experience severe amnesia

  • When Clark’s new super-breath power blows the door off his barn, Chloe tries to discourage her cousin Lois from writing about the story. Lois does anyway, and it becomes her first byline at the Metropolis Inquisitor (Sneeze) and the beginning of her journalism career.
  • When Linda Lake, a struggling Daily Planet gossip reporter, discovers Clark’s secret and attempts to expose it, Chloe smashes Lake’s laptop with a hammer to destroy the story, and almost got killed by Lake in the subsequent scuffle.
  • When investigating the secret identity of the vigilante Green Arrow, Chloe discovers that Clark has deleted all of her photo files. When he asks her to stop investigating Green Arrow as a favor to him, Chloe agrees (Arrow).
  • When Lois investigates Kara’s red ship and tries to show her story to the new Daily Planet editor, Chloe discourages her and tries to have the editor drop the interest. Lois ends up being hired at the Planet for covering the spaceship story and becomes professionally favored over Chloe (Kara).
  • Ultimately, Chloe lost her job at the Planet when Lionel Luthor left his Veritas key in Chloe’s desk to give to Clark. Lex Luthor discovered it and summarily fired Chloe for lying to him.

While her journalism career has suffered what may or may not be a permanent setback, Chloe has also been able to translate her journalistic and sleuthing skills into helping Clark and other superheroes save the world. She often helps solve mysteries that Clark is investigating, using her superb skills as a reporter and researcher. She has started to help Oliver Queen’s nascent team of superheroes as an operative codenamed “Watchtower”, the strategist who directs and guides the superheroes remotely as they take on various missions. After the demise of Amanda Waller during Zod’s destruction of Checkmate, Chloe exchanges herself as a prisoner to Rick Flag but manages to take over the command of Flag and the Suicide Squad, and is instrumental in the rescue mission against Trotter’s VRA team. She eventually marries Oliver and formally relinquishes the role of Watchtower to Tess Mercer, and moves to Star City to fulfil her calling of coordinating other superheroes under the guise of a Star City Register reporter, a job she reportedly does not stay for long.